Genshin Impact Switch: When will Genshin Impact come on Nintendo Switch? There’s a reason the game hasn’t shown up on the wildly popular platform yet.

You’d expect a game as popular as Genshin Impact to skyrocket into all gaming consoles asap! Well and that is what would happen in an ideal world. Fun Fact: This isn’t an ideal world and 2020 seems like the perfect year to prove so. And so, almost half a month into October, we still have no use on the definite date of the Switch release for Genshin Impact. But what’s taking miHoYo so long?

When will Genshin Impact show up on Switch?

The last time that miHoYo took up this issue in an interview, their answer was as vague as vague answers can be. All they said, almost as if to calm us down, was that the game will eventually come to Switch. They also said that development for the Switch, behind the scenes, is underway. However, they did not give us a day, week, month or even a random time span after which this may happen.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that even the beta versions aren’t out right now either. So, given how quick (excuse the irony) things have been this year due to Covid, it may quite sometime before a Switch player gets his shot at exploring Teyvat.

What is causing the delay?

Before we tell you what’s causing miHoYo from releasing the game on Switch, here’s a question. Did you know that Xbox One players won’t be receiving the game at all?! That’s right, miHoYo has bluntly extinguished all such hopes with a straight-up No. So, Switch fans are at least not the unluckiest in the world.

However, as much as we’d like to give miHoYo stick for this, all of us need to cut them some slack. And here’s why. Covid has delayed all multimedia projects this year. Movies, TV shows, Cyberpunk 2077, Normal Video Games * ahem ahem*, almost everything is running out of schedule. So, miHoYo is probably having a tough time getting the game ready for Switch too.

Let’s not forget, there’s a reason they cancelled the Xbox One launch! It’s cause they cannot deal with that kind of pressure. Between fixing bugs and smoothing out the game for current PC, PS4 and mobile gamers and preparing future updates, miHoYo already have their hands fun.

Plus, they also are preparing for next-gen consoles as well. So, it’s not surprising to see them take it easy on the Switch. After all, it takes a lot of effort to modify a core game for a certain platform.

Having said that, as far as the “when will Genshin Impact come on Nintendo Switch” is concerned, I think betting on late 2020 or early 2021 will be a fairly safe bet. That’s because what’s the point of releasing it any later after all!? Right?

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