If you’re wondering if baseball fans are over the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, they’re not. Fans have not forgotten the trash can incident and still want Astros player to know they’re upset. The latest evidence came in Game 4 of the ALCS against the Rays in an empty Petco Park.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people haven’t been able to bring their mocking signs and mini trash cans into stadiums to taunt Houston at all this year, but they are still finding ways to have their voices heard — quite loudly. On Thursday night, one man used a megaphone to call out Houston’s player as cheaters.

While it’s not exactly clear where the man was located, his dedication is unmatched. And even though this is┬ánot the first time fans have used creative ways to call out the team┬áthis season, it is likely the first time the taunting has been heard inside a stadium, according to Sports Illustrated:

Not only did reporters in the press box say they heard his echo in the stadium, but the man even went as far as calling out individual players as cheaters and shaming each one separately.

The Astros definitely got a break this season by not having to deal with angry fans screaming at them during every away game. Who knows what will happen when fans are allowed back in stadiums to heckle them.


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