EST Vs GCN Fantasy Team Overview, Match Centre And Probable Playing 5: Must win encounter for two sides struggling to settle in the 2020-21 edition of the league.

After winning their first clash of ACB La Liga 2020-21, Gran Canaria have failed to buy a single triumph. The side has gone onto register three defeats on the spin ever since, form which has seen the club be plummeted to pummel into 18th spot in the league.

While the club stood know no chance ahead of its foregone scrimmage against Real Madrid, the 90-65 routing they were dished out was a abject performance. There was absolutely no stomach of a fight from the side, a team which was way too ready to roll over and just surrender infront of a Real Madrid.

It was a sordid performance which has become the story of the season for the club. The side has been nothing more than mere bystanders, a side which has acted as just an onlooker as sides have clamped down upon it and drubbed it.

Probable Winner

Where Gran Canaria slumped to their third successive defeat, Estudiantes on the other hand finally managed to arrest a run of three defeats. The 82-81 win was a far from convincing win but it finally offered the side the sweet taste of success, one the team was yearning for ever since the onset of the league.

That win will serve as a massive shot in the arm for the side, a result which will throttle them towards a second win on the spin today.

Probable Playing 5


Avramovic, Gentile, Arteaga, Vicedo, Roberson

Gran Canaria

Della, Costello, Burjanadze, Ferrari, Montero

Match Details 

ACB La Liga 2020-21

Match: Estudiantes Vs Gran Canaria

Date And Time: 16th October, Friday: 12:00am

Venue: WiZink Center, Madrid

Best Shooter


Gran Canaria

Best Defender


Gran Canaria

Bygone Encounter

Fuenlabrada Vs Estudiantes: 81-82

Gran Canaria Vs Real Madrid: 65-90

EST Vs GCN Fantasy Team Picks

Point Guard

20 points, 3 dimes and 5 rebounds the last time he took to the middle see John Robinson become the first player to be inducted into our side as the point guard for the day’s matchup.

Shooting Guard 

Aleksa Avramovic was responsible for his side’s first win in four games this season. He came alive in game 4, bursting onto the stage with a colossal 20 point performance to emerge as his side’s game winner on the day.

Frankie Ferrari from Gran Canaria was unfazed by Real Madrid’s defence the last time around. At a time when little was going his side’s way, he showed the way forward with 12 points as he controlled the centre of the court with his quick ball rotations. 

Small Forward

We are going to be pairing him up with Stan Okoye who had 12 points as well in the clash with the two combining forces to manifest some kind of relief to an otherwise hurting side.

The opposition on the other hand see us snag Alessandro Gentile. From being a subsite to now finding a place in his side’s starting rotations, he’s worked his way upwards with an unnerving commitment to escalating his performances. 

Power Forward

John Shurna was abysmal the last time around but we envision him converting his field points with a high rate today when he comes across a more favourable defensive unit. 


Matt Costello has been Gran Canaria’s saviour this season. He’s been illustrious in both the paints, a player who has not only latched onto the attacking rebounds but pulled off his far share of the defensive ones as well.

The opposition on the other hand see us reign in Victor Arteaga after his windmills and reverse scoops saw him accrue 16 points in his foregone encounter. 

Star Player

Avramovic’s game winning outing the last time around see him be our star player while Costello.

Fantasy Team

Roberson, Ferrari, Avramovic, Okoye, Gentile, Shurna, Arteaga, Diop 

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Fantasy Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.



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