Dr Disrespect Rogue Company: Rogue Company introduces a new character skin taking after Dr Disrespect. The two-time blockbuster video game champion Dr Disrespect is now an avatar on Rogue Company. 

Dr Disrespect fans will love this new character skin in the game Rogue Company, which is in the form of Dr Disrespect himself. For people who are unfamiliar with Rogue Company, it is a 4v4 shooter game.

Earlier, Dr Disrespect tweeted a 1-minute video of his collaboration with Rogue Company. At the end of the video, the character skin is officially revealed. The character is almost exactly like him, with the beard, the moustache, the glasses, and of course, the armor.

A new map, Arena, is also a part of the 1-min introduction video, and it looks extremely awesome. It is essentially a re-creation of Dr Disrespect’s Champions Club, with the Lambos & arcades.

There is also a large statue of Dr Disrespect on the map, which further goes to show his dominating & entertaining personality.

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There are also banners all over the map with Dr Disrespect’s face & logo. What is interesting is that, this has been in the works for sometime now. It began when the Doc offered to design a map for Rogue Company. Naturally, Rogue Company accepted it and gave Doc 24 hours to make it happen.


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