LeBron James watches the ‘Last Dance’ Michael Jordan documentary to help prepare for next NBA season.

The LeBron James and Michael Jordan debate has been raging on for several years now and has suddenly taken on a new flame as James secured his 4th NBA title and 4th Finals MVP.

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LeBron was recently asked about what he thought about the ongoing debate on who’s the GOAT and James made it clear that he respects the 6x Champion and wears the number 23 in Jordan’s honor.

Now, to add to his statement on having immense respect for Michael Jordan, LeBron took to Instagram to pay homage to him.

LeBron James watches the Jordan documentary while at home

The highly acclaimed Last Dance documentary made waves this past summer as it told the story about how Jordan’s Bulls captured their 6th NBA championship in 1998.

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Following the Lakers 2020 title win, LeBron posts a story on Instagram of him at home, analysing the Last Dance documentary, calling it ‘homework’.

Jordan is known to be one of those rare, once in a generation type of athlete who has that ‘win at all costs’ mentality. James has been criticized for not have that ‘killer mentality’ and perhaps he is using the documentary to pick up a few tips and tricks on how to stay focused.

Is there a rivalry between LeBron James and Michael Jordan?

It was reported this summer that Jordan had actually given the green light to start the production on the Last Dance docuseries right after James had clinched his 3rd title in Cleveland.

It would be foolish to assume that 2 of the greatest NBA players of all time, both of whom are in discussion to be the GOAT, do not feel a sense of rivalry with one another.


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