The 8th week of Vikkstars Warzone Showdown is finally here with the brackets released. This week will be the last round of qualifying as the tournament moves on.

Vikkstars Warzone Showdown is a tournament started by Sidemen member and YouTuber vikkstar123. Quite a few streamers and gaming personalities are taking part in the tournament. There is a total prize pool of $210,000. After 8 weeks of qualifiers the tournament will move to the finals.

Warzone Showdown Week 8 brackets –

Some of the big names this week include Formula One race car driver Lando Norris. He teams up with Tommey in game 7 as they take on Legiqn and GangstazSalute. Vikkstar himself will be in action as he teams up with rated. Fans can also see some more big names like Nadeshot, Scump, Pamaj and others in action. Here is the full week 8 bracket list.

Vikkstar Tournament : Week 8, Dr. Disrespect misses out & more

The prize money and format of Week 8 –

A double elimination is being followed with the winners progressing to the finals. The map is Verdansk and the match mode is 2v2 quads. The first placed team gets $12,000.The second gets $6000 and the third $2000. $20,000 is spread evenly among the winners.

Dr. Disrespect misses out on Vikkstars Warzone Showdown –

Dr. Disrespect was a part of the tournament in previous weeks. It was announced at the last minute he won’t be a part of this week. Doc will miss qualifying for the finals and this makes a lot of fans disappointed.

The reason for Doc not playing is because he is a part of Rogue Company new arena reveal. Scott Lusier, the lead designer of Rogue Company announced on twitter about a new arena reveal with Doc.

The arena is generating a lot of hype as result of Doc. Nevertheless fans were upset with some complaining about the timing of the stream. As it clearly clashed with Vikkstars tournament.

Fans can watch the tournament on the streams of their favorite streamers as well as on Vikkstar’s YouTube Channel.



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