PS4 SYSTEM UPDATE: PS4 Software Update 8.0 will be launching globally today. Sony have released the latest software update 8.0 for their PlayStation4. Below, you can find all the details regarding the changes which will be included in the update for PS4.

The Software System Update 8.0 for PS4 will feature change to Party & Messages. These will enable better link & some definite changes to the User Interface. You no longer have to set up chats in 2 different apps, as you can now start a Party chat in PS4 as well.

PlayStation are also expanding the pre-set Avatars which will feature on your profile. A whole set of new Avatars have been included, mainly from top games like Last of Us & God of War. Some other iconic games are Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima & even Uncharted 4.

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Another major part of this update includes modification to Parental Controls. Children can send request to parents to enable communication feature in specific games. The parent will get an Email when the child makes the request, and they can authorize it.

However, the biggest modification in the 8.0 update is that after 8.00, you cannot create events or access existing events created by other users. However,

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