The NFL persisted in Week 5, with the league juggling fire to make sure almost all of their games took place. So we so much professional football this week, with games on Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

As for how the week played out in our power rankings? The AFC North and the NFC South only seem to get more competitive while the New York teams and the NFC East may be nearing relegation, if that was a rule. An admittedly entertaining week reshuffled the top of the rankings, with a new No. 1. Here’s a look at the NFL power rankings for Week 6.

32. New York Jets (0-5) — Their team is so bad that I’m genuinely curious as to whether Le’veon Bell, even in his diminished form, was actually one of the Jets’ best players.

31. New York Giants (0-5) — It’s unclear if they’re in the rebuilding phase or whether we’re still watching the demolition.

30. Atlanta Falcons (0-5) — Dan Quinn is gone, but they’re still in a very weird place. The Falcons are built to win now — yet they’re defeated.

29. Washington Football Team (1-4) — How is this team ranked third in the NFC East? Can the NFL relegate the entire division?

28. Denver Broncos (1-3) — Drew Lock doesn’t quite have the same arsenal that we thought he’d have with Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant fighting injuries. The injuries on defense are even worse. That makes me think the Broncos’ season will continue to underwhelm.

27. Houston Texans (1-4) — Houston is undefeated in the Romeo Crennel era. At least the Texans can beat the Jaguars?

26. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1) — The Steelers demolished the Eagles in yet another reminder that the NFC East is total trash.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) — This franchise is starting to look like the pre-2020 Cleveland Browns.

24. Detroit Lions (1-3) — Matt Patricia still has a job, huh? *looks at watch*

23. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1) — Justin Herbert is showing up Joe Burrow, which has been an entertaining plot twist.

22. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) — There’s no shame in losing at the last minute to the Seahawks. But there’s also no coming back from this 1-4 hole for the Vikings.

21. Los Angeles Chargers (1-4) — They’re very exciting with Herbert at QB, but very much still unable to win games.

20. Miami Dolphins (2-3) — I’m (still) telling you: the Dolphins could be good this year. (This may be a very lonely hill to die on.)

19. San Francisco 49ers (2-3) — The 49ers are erratic and inconsistent with an unhealthy quarterback and a defense that’s regressing.

18. Dallas Cowboys (2-3) — They were already in a bad place with Dak Prescott. Without him, this team could go off the rails.

17. Arizona Cardinals (3-2) — They have been erratic, with good wins and weird losses. But they have upside, with Kyler Murray seeming like a rising star.

16. Carolina Panthers (3-2) — They seem to get better every week. Coach Matt Rhule and OC Joe Brady seem mighty comfortable rising from the college ranks.

15. New Orleans Saints (3-2) — It’s troubling that they’ve had to stage comebacks over the Detroit Lions and the L.A. Chargers in back-to-back weeks.

14. Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) — Last week, I suggested they were pretenders. But if Jon Gruden continues to call brilliant games like he did in Week 5, the Raiders will be contenders. Was this win a fluke?

13. Chicago Bears (4-1) — No 4-1 team has ever inspired less confidence than the 2020 Bears.

12. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) — I’m of the mind that the Browns are good, which means that the Colts’ loss in Week 5 isn’t an embarrassment.

11. New England Patriots (2-2) — Losses to the Chiefs and the Seahawks. Wins over the Raiders and the Dolphins. It’s time for the Patriots to start making a run at the Bills in the AFC East.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) — When Tom Brady lost track of downs, I had to make sure I wasn’t in the upside down. The NFL’s sharpest quarterback looked dull on Thursday night.

9. Buffalo Bills (4-1) — My goodness, what an embarrassing loss to the Titans.

8. Cleveland Browns (4-1) — Kevin Stefanski is like Kunu in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” The coach just keeps telling Baker Mayfield to do less. And it’s working.

7. Los Angeles Rams (4-1) — Sean McVay is back.

6. Tennessee Titans (3-0) — My goodness, what an impressive win over the Bills.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0) — Big Ben continues to make any and every receiver in the offense look good.

4. Seattle Seahawks (5-0) — How does Russell Wilson keep doing this? His defense is bad, but he is so darn good that he’s overcoming the adversity the defense is creating.

3. Baltimore Ravens (4-1) — A truly complete team.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1) — A loss to the Raiders? Weird. It’s probably just a speed bump. But I can’t help but wonder whether it’s a sign of vulnerability, especially after a Cam-Newton-less Patriots team kept the matchup tight in Week 4.

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0) — Their defense is still suspect, but Aaron Rodgers is playing his best football, which makes him as dangerous as Patrick Mahomes.


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