NBA Executives share what the Warriors need to be able to beat the Lakers next season and it makes complete sense.

The last dynasty the NBA saw was the Warriors.

While a lot of people may say it’s over for them now, the Warriors would certainly like to prove otherwise. After a disappointing season, where they finished at the bottom of the table, the Dubs are well-rested, recharged, and definitely hungry for more.

This is the longest break that the Warriors have had, considering how they went to 5 straight Finals. They played till June for 5 straight seasons, and while it may not look like a lot, but the exhaustion does catch up.

The Warriors still have their core intact, with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson ready to fire, and Draymond Green as the heart of the team. They also have Andrew Wiggins this season and these 4 may just lead the Warriors back to title contention.’

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Kevin O. Connor reveals what the Warriors are lacking

The Ringer’s Kevin O. Connor reveals what piece the Dubs are missing. He says multiple NBA execs have contacted him over the past week and talked to him. “Just in the past week, multiple executives from different teams have texted me to say that the Warriors had better find a big in order to get by the Lakers,” O’Connor mentions.

While the Warriors have Draymond Green, he is 4 inches shorter than Anthony Davis and cannot really hold him. The Warriors do have bigs Marquese Chriss and Kevon Looney, but they weren’t able to do much against AD, as he averaged 25ppg against the Warriors.

The Warriors have the #2 pick in the 2020 draft, a $17.2 million trade exception, and will have the taxpayer midlevel exception to their credit. They would look to get a seasoned big with all of these, someone who can complete the missing piece.

The 2020-21 Warriors roster is still a work in progress. They have a few changes to make. They might target Marc Gasol, Dwight Howard, or Serge Ibaka this offseason.

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How the Warriors pose a threat to the Lakers

The Warriors aren’t the only ones who have to be worried here. The Lakers also have to look out for the Warriors, who would look to come for the Lakers’ newly acquired throne.

The Warriors will have to find a way to slow down Davis in order to knock off the defending champs. At the same time, the Lakers also need to find a way to avoid the wrath Steph Curry brings on the court.

Their best perimeter defenders are KCP, Avery Bradley, and Alex Caruso, and Curry has the upper hand in all of those matchups. The Lakers would also need to find a way to stop a hungry Klay Thompson, who has been itching to play for quite some time now.

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Overall, while the Western Conference is packed, as usual, we may get to see a new California rivalry grow this season.


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