Anthony Davis forced his way to Los Angeles because he wanted to win a championship. He thought teaming up with LeBron James gave him the best possible chance at doing so, and ultimately, he was right. The Lakers are the 2020 NBA champion, and now Davis, yet again, has a choice to make about his future. Technically, he is a free agent, and while he isn’t expected to leave the Lakers, he hasn’t yet committed to staying either, not even after winning the title. He even hinted at a possible return to his hometown of Chicago early in the season. 

But James, according to Yahoo’s Chris Haynes, made something clear to Davis after clinching the championship. “We’ve got more work to do,” James reportedly told Davis. James, having won multiple championships with the Miami Heat, understands how difficult it is to win consecutive titles. In Cleveland, he only won it once. Golden State’s acquisition of Kevin Durant effectively knocked his Cavaliers out of true contention. Nothing can be taken for granted in pursuit of a title. 

LeBron knows that from experience. Davis might, or he might not. While it is far likelier that he hasn’t made a commitment yet just to maintain leverage in the team’s other offseason moves, the slim chance that he is actually open to leaving is concerning enough to offer such a reminder. The Lakers have a chance to do something truly special. With James and Davis together, the next several championships are in play. A second Lakers three-peat is a distinct possibility if both commit to themselves to the cause. 

LeBron is on board for next season at the very least. Davis almost certainly will be as well. Even if he wanted to leave, so few contenders can create the cap space they’d need to sign him that if truly wants to win more championships, the Lakers are by far his best bet. In all likelihood, he already recognizes it. But another reminder from LeBron can’t exactly hurt. The first championship is in the books. Now the goal is to start piling more of them on top and climbing the historical ladder of greatest teams ever. 


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