LeBron James’s son Bronny was scheduled to go live on Twitch, streaming Warzone with Odell Beckham Jr. His absence led to speculation on the gaming community.

Odell Beckham Jr is among the most well-known sporting faces in the USA. For Bronny to have access to a top-tier sportsperson and be able to stream his gameplay with a fanbase like this is a huge privilege. Being LeBron James’s son definitely has it’s perks.

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Bronny’s absence from Twitch gaming stream sparks speculation about him being grounded by LeBron

Bronny has been in the news over the last couple of weeks for all the wrong reasons. He unintentionally made a video of him apparently smoking a joint public on Instagram.

Though Bronny was quick to discard it from his account, the damage was done. At only 16 years of age, the prospective baller is clearly too young to be engaging in such activities, even though it’s legal.

Any parent would be disappointed by their kid smoking up at such a young age. Smoking up is known to have adverse effects on people aged less than 21.

Irrespective of the amount Bronny has consumed, it’s not something a boy who has just reached the age of consent should do. If LeBron has indeed grounded him, most level-headed people would agree that the kid had it coming.

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LeBron has high hopes from his kid. In the past, he’s stated his desire to play with his son in the NBA before retiring. Hopefully Bronny can stay away from smoking a blunt and focus on his game.


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