Much of the basketball world has been focused on the NBA Finals over the past few weeks, and for good reason, as LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in six games to claim their 17th title in franchise history. But that wasn’t the only basketball going on. Earlier this month, the Seattle Storm made some history of their own, sweeping the Las Vegas Aces to win their fourth championship. 

With both leagues now wrapped up, there’s plenty of time for behind-the-scenes stories about how they managed to pull off these bubble environments. One interesting one comes courtesy of veteran Lakers guard Avery Bradley, who actually didn’t play in the resumption of the season, choosing instead to stay home with his family. But while he wasn’t playing, he was still making an impact. 

Bradley and his wife, in coordination with the WNBPA, donated more than $30,000 to get players necessary supplies inside the bubble. Via Forbes:

Working with the WNBA and the league’s players association, Avery and Ashley ended up donating more than $30,000 in supplies to help the players, with an emphasis on the league’s working moms in the bubble. Bradley asked for a list of items the players might need to make their off the court experience just a little bit better and delivered.

Supplies delivered to the Wubble included pack and plays and playpens for the players’ children, art supplies and coloring sets, paint sets and supplies, board games, cards, dominoes, books and educational supplies, ping pong tables, Xboxes and other gaming consoles, outdoor games, a karaoke machine and even a bounce house. The Bradleys also donated health and beauty supplies to the WNBA moms and, in a few instances, emotional support animals.

First of all, this is an amazing gesture by Bradley and his wife. They certainly didn’t have to do any of this, and went above and beyond to help the players in the WNBA bubble. There was so much from a big picture that went into making these bubble environments successful, that it’s easy to forget the players and their families still need every day items, and the Bradleys delivered. 

But as touching as their generosity was, this is also a pretty bad look for the NBA and WNBA. If Bradley and his wife hadn’t stepped up, would the players have gone without all of these supplies? There’s no chance that NBA players would have needed to rely on donations for things they needed inside their bubble, and it is disappointing WNBA players were in that position. 

Obviously the economic situations between the two leagues are completely different, but $30,000 is a drop in the bucket with all the money that’s flowing around these organizations. Anything the players required should have been taken care of up front by either the team owners, the WNBA itself, or the NBA helping out if necessary. 


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