Former NBA champion Marreese Speights is facing the heat right now. He dissed LeBron for celebrating a 4th NBA title despite a losing record in the Finals.

Mo Speights was an important member of the Warriors team that went 73-9 in 2015-16 after winning the 2014-15 NBA championship.

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The 6’10” forward was a career journeyman who played for 6 NBA teams, including the Cavs. After 9 seasons in the league, Speights grew too slow to play meaningful minutes and went overseas to play in the CBA.

He still has the nerve to take shots at a top 2 player of all time.

Marreese Speights trolled for comments mocking LeBron James’ title celebrations

It seems Speights is still smarting from the Finals loss he suffered to the Cavs in 2016. His tweet chastizing James for doing the normal thing celebrating a championship and a Finals MVP seems to indicate the same.

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Speights, who previously played for the Warriors and Magic, followed the meme up by saying that he wasn’t trying to take a dig at LeBron. “No shots to bron he is one of the best players to ever touch the court,” he wrote. “I respect the game in the great players!!!!”

Speights then ended up justifying his tweet and conceded that he didn’t care what people thought of him and his opinions.

`The tweet has since been deleted and Speights has made his Twitter account private following the backlash he’s faced. It’s clear that LeBron’s fan faction was not willing to let the insult go without retaliation.

They let their feelings known in the tweet replies and quotes for as long as it was public. Many of those users blasting him don’t even have a record of being LeBron fans on their Twitter accounts.


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