Genshin Impact Chest Locations: Fans are discovering a host of curious new places that spawn secret chests that aren’t mapped in the game!

The hype around miHoYo‘s gacha action RPG has been real over the last few weeks. Boasting record sales, Genshin Impact hosts a daily player pool so large nowadays that very few games can rival it. Naturally, as more and more players play the game, easter eggs are glitches are bound to surface. And there have been many of those. But, of late, it turns miHoYo has craftily filled the map with secret chests for players to find!

What are these secret chests?

These secret chests are exactly the same as the normal chests in the game. You’ll have your usual common, precious, exquisite grouping for them too. However, what makes them secret has to do with the locations they occupy in the game.

That is to say that, miHoYo has not marked these chests in-game at all. So they are not like most reward chests which appear after completing challenges. Rather, there’s no hint to their location at all. So, you need to sniff them out by rigorous searching. And you need to be at the right place at the right time.

However, lucky for us, some of the more eager players have already done the hard work. So, here are some of the secret chest locations in Teyvat below.

Here’s a video guide to one such secret chest below. And read on to know of further locations.

Genshin Impact Chest Locations: Where to find them?

1. Pluck carrots in groups of 3 or 4 to receive surprise chests. This doesn’t happen all the time but every now and then, you’ll get lucky.

2. Standing on top of some dead branches can grant you a precious chest! Now, of course, checking all branches out by standing on them can be irritating. But a precious chest may be worth the effort for some.

3. If you knock down certain stone towers or disturb dirt piles with Anemo, you get surprise chests.

4. Some hilichurl towers and spike circles also spawn chests if you destroy them. You will find a few of this sort west of Liyue. However, only some of these are breakable and only those spawn chests.

5. Lighting some extinguished campfires around Mondstadt can get you chests too.

There are a lot more locations too. But, these, in general, are the confirmed ones. For more info on secret chest locations, look up this Reddit post. They were our source of inspiration as well as info for the article.

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