Copenhagen Flames have announced the signing of AWPer Nicoodoz from Singularity.

An official transfer has been agreed between the two Danish orgs of Copenhagen Flames and Singularity.

The move came about due to the departure of mertz and maNkz to x6tence in early October.

This resulted the team to have only 3 players left.

He also became the IGL as well as did the AWPing duties for Singularity.

Nicoodoz will only the AWPer in the team, while Copenhagen Flames are still on the look out for an experienced IGL to fill the last spot.

Copenhagen Flames Director of eSports, Daniel Vorborg said that they have secured the services of the AWPer.

He believes he can be a good addition to the team and believes in the talent he possesses.

He hopes he can live to the expectation of the team.

Nicoodoz has already started playing with the team at Elgiganten Ligaen Season 15 during the negotiation of the transfer.

zyp is currently standing-in for the team until they find their 5th at the the Betway Nine to Five 5 Dawn qualifier.

Copenhagen Flames Roster:

Sebastian “⁠Basso⁠” Aagaard
Jakob “⁠jabbi⁠” Nygaard
Jakob “⁠Daffu⁠” Schildt
Nico “⁠nicoodoz⁠” Tamjidi
Mads “⁠zyp⁠” Hermansen (stand-in)


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