Brooklyn Nets

Every NBA offseason brings speculation on where players will sign, what trades will be made and, in this case, what next season will look like due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Another annual occurrence that’s taken place each year since Nike became the official outfitter of the league in 2015 is jersey updates for every team in the league. It’s brought us the highly popular Miami Heat Vice jerseys, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ ode to Prince, and these incredibly questionable jerseys that the Dallas Mavericks decided to wear last season. 

With 2019-20 now over, more jersey announcements for the upcoming season will begin to roll out, and the Brooklyn Nets were the latest team to show off what they’ll be pulling up in on game days. Reminiscent of the Drazen Petrovic days in the 1990s, the Nets announced their Classic Edition jerseys for the upcoming season that dates back to when this team was still called the New Jersey Nets: 

It’ll mark the 30th anniversary of when these jerseys were originally worn, and the Nets have kept the original design intact for an updated version. Covered in a blue and white gradient, red lettering throughout and red piping, it’s the most colorful jersey the Nets have worn in years, aside from the City Edition jersey they rolled out that paid homage to Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G.’s penchant for wearing Coogi sweaters. 

That aside, this is really the first time since the Nets moved to Brooklyn that the team is recognizing its New Jersey roots, and that will surely play well with the fanbase it left behind. With the Nets entering a new era with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving next season, these jerseys should sell incredibly well, especially since this team is expected to be a serious title contender in 2021.


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