Among Us memes have been rocking the Internet over the last 2 months. However, few have been as creatively made as this tribute to Hollywood.

With a game as popular as Among Us, a thriving community is bound to rise up. And given how casual and friendly the game is, Among Us provides the perfect chance to fans who wish to get creative.

In fact, there have already been some great memes out there. The famous Cosplay meme, the one with the colour stereotypes and even one ft Kanye West! The list is pretty epic! However, in terms of creativity, few memes will surpass what one fan managed to pull off yesterday.

A Tribute to Hollywood.

It was a meme video with some very cool kill animations. However, that’s nothing new, right? I mean, half the memes on Among Us’s Reddit page are about that. But, what actually makes the meme special is the fact that these were no ordinary kill animations!

Each of them was an Among Us themed recreation of iconic scenes from famous movies! The memory-erasing stick from Men in Black. A Star Wars animation with a light sabre. The iconic bathroom scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho! The montage had it all. It almost felt like a trip down our childhood’s memory lane on an Among Us spaceship.

You can have a look at the whole video here.

Among Us Memes: A Trend of great Creativity.

The Among Us animation with the funny pea-shaped, handless players has already been the source of many great memes. Also, some fans have even gone the distance to make small movies with plots held in the game’s setting.

All of this is further proof of the immense help that Among Us has been to souls this quarantine. A great game to relax and have fun in, it is the perfect pass time and a creative platform for people looking to relax.

Moreover, while relaxing and having a good time, you can also pull off some sick moves and shock your crewmates. For that, just visit one of our guides below and become a pro at the game!

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