Alex Caruso starting tonight was crucial to the Lakers’ win tonight. Speaking during the post-game celebrations, he said the Lakers were being counted out for weird reasons.

The Lakers secured a record-tying 17th NBA championship with a blowout win over the Heat tonight. It was a massacre from early on in the game.

They entered the locker rooms at halftime with a 28-point lead. It ballooned to 36 points during the 3rd quarter. The entire second half was essentially garbage time. Despite Dragic being available to play, he was introduced too late to affect the game.

Caruso comments on what people thought were the Lakers’ shortcomings this season

Few people had faith in LeBron James to pull off his 4th NBA championship at the start of this season. There was talk about him being too old for another playoff charge, of the Lakers not having enough role players.

There also was hype for teams like the Clippers and the Bucks, who sputtered out in the second round.

Caruso called out all LeBron James and Lakers haters post the NBA title win, emphasising on how almost everyone had written them off.

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Caruso himself is one of the more un-fancied players in the league. He’s had to grind his way through various editions of the Lakers teams, going un-drafted first and spending time in the G-League.

The way he has responded to the challenge of playoff basketball has indeed been a sight to behold.

His spectacular defense in the first half on the perimeter was precisely the tone the Lakers needed to set today.


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