Gen.G have announced the transfer of s0m to NRG and he will join daps and chet in their Valorant roster.

As many had speculated the possible switch to Valorant after reports from DBLTAP suggested the switch.

With the move taking place, Gen.G roster is down to only 3 players with Flashpoint also coming.

We are yet to see any additions, as s0m will reunite with Daps in the NRG faction.

Daps was the former IGL of Gen.G, with s0m and company they won DreamHack Anaheim and ESL One Road to Rio tournaments.

Daps decided to step down from the roster citing he couldn’t make any changes to the roster.

As well as the Rio Major getting cancelled and lack of LAN’s made him leave CS.

s0m came into tier 1 picture from the ESEA Rank S and FPL circuit, also streamed for Complexity.

He was given an opportunity by Swole Patrol with impressive performances was signed by Envy in 2019.

At the end of the year Gen.G announced their entry into CS:GO with a place in Flashpoint Season 1.

He was signed to the team along side Auti, Bntet, Koosta and Daps.

He was also named MVP at DH Anaheim.

Gen.G  now needs to field 2 players before Flashpoint Season 2 which has a massive prize pool of $1 Million.

Gen.G’s Roster now:

Hansel “⁠BnTeT⁠” Ferdinand
Timothy “⁠autimatic⁠” Ta
Kenneth “⁠koosta⁠” Suen

Chris “⁠Elmapuddy⁠” Tebbit (coach)


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