Scottie Pippen sides with LeBron James, saying James is the Finals MVP this year, over teammate Anthony Davis.

With the Los Angeles Lakers picking up the win in yesterday’s Game 4, they are now sitting comfortably with a 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat.

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As almost the entirety of the NBA world believes that the Lakers will win this series, the debates about who should be crowned Finals MVP are ablaze.

The 2 candidates are obviously LeBron James and Anthony Davis and 6x NBA champion Scottie Pippen gives us his take on who he thinks deserves the accolade more.

Scottie Pippen chooses LeBron James to be the 2020 Finals MVP

Scottie Pippen’s view on LeBron James is quite enigmatic to say the least. He infamously said, “LeBron isn’t better than me until he wins 6 rings.”

Pippen also took to social media to say that LeBron James hasn’t proven himself yet and that Anthony Davis is more valuable on the offensive end of the floor.

However, Scottie Pippen, on his show The Jump, said, “How is he still doing this at 17 years in the league? He’s the clear cut Finals MVP.”

This is a stark difference from his previous take, merely a week ago.

How has LeBron James been performing in these NBA Finals?

LeBron James has been the offensive engine that makes the Lakers run, throughout these Playoffs, and this has carried on into the Finals as well.

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James has not scored less than 25 points in any of these 4 Finals games and is averaging a near triple double as well.

In Game 4, he had just 8 points by halftime but bounced back and scored 20 in the second half to help the Lakers edge out the Miami Heat.



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