“I still went off the track”- Daniel Ricciardo shares his experience at Nurburgring while driving a Fiat Punto.

Formula 1 is set to return at Nurburgring this weekend after seven long years. However, only a fraction of the paddock has ever raced on this track before.

Daniel Ricciardo is one of them and he was in Toro Rosso back when the last race happened here. However, the Australian driver has another experience to share from Nurburgring.

But the difference in this visit was that Ricciardo was driving a Fiat Punto that he apparently took off the track and almost hit the barriers.

“Believe it or not I still went off the track. It was a bit blind, left uphill, and I wasn’t prepared, went over the kerb and the grass. Fortunately avoided the barriers.” said Ricciardo.

The unpredictable Nurburgring

Nurburgring has always been considered a thrilling venue but thrill sometimes can be dangerous, as it also witnessed Niki Lauda’s crash in 1976.

But the track was later redesigned to adapt to the modern demands of the game and was re-launched in 1984, even after then the track has the ability to provide one of the best spectacles of the season.

If this is the case, then we maybe it wouldn’t wrong to expect Mercedes faltering here, as the reigning champions of F1 have not tested the success over, as they currently got used to at other venues.

The race after seven long years at this venue is supposed to be exciting.


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