Hollywood star Asa Butterfield signs for Esports team Team Liquid. Fans will be excited to see the renowned actor behind a PC and not just on the big screen. 

Earlier today Team Liquid introduced and announced Asa Butterfield to their fans. This move is being considered rather surprising by everyone in the Esports world. Mainly because it remains to be seen where exactly does the actor fit in the team. Regardless fans are happy to see the actor join their favorite team.

Asa Butterfield: A brief Esports history –

Although known for playing a part in shows like Sex Education and movies like Ender’s Game,  Asa is no stranger to video games.  He also competed in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament last year. He joined the esports community as PG|Stimpy and played for Panda Global. Butterfield could be hired for streaming for Team Liquid. Asa also has a streaming channel on Twitch but has only about 2000 followers.

What does this mean for Team Liquid –

Asa could be used as a sub in Dota 2 or could joined Team Liquid’s Super Smash Bros lineup. This move makes sense from a commercial point of view for Team Liquid. As the organizations looks to gain more foothold and following in the European market. The actor’s fan following and popularity could be a blessing for them. He has around 300k+ twitter followers.

What did the actor and the organization say –

Team Liquid welcomed him and said, “We’re happy to have you on board, and look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.” While the actor revealed his nerdy side as he said he used to search up Starcraft2 streams and that he felt unreal following the announcement.

Plenty of famous movie and television stars have picked up streaming regularly as a hobby. Recently Odell Beckham Jr. started streaming on YouTube. While Asa is very successful as an actor it remains to be seen if the success transcends to his Esports career.


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