Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes: New items, characters and a host of new content awaits us as the first Genshin update looks set to roll out.

With more than 17 million downloads within the first 4 days of its release, Genshin is set to become one of the biggest games of this quarter. So, miHoYo is showing no intention of letting this hype die with a new update on the horizon.

Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes: What to expect?

miHoYo has already released the beta version of the update among a small group. So, leaks about the new items and features have already started surfacing. From the looks of it, we’ll receive a minimum of 4 new characters. Of these, 2 are rumoured to be 4-star and the other 2, 5-star.

The two 4-star characters are Diona and Xinyang. One of these, Diona, will be a cryo-type with a bow as her weapon of choice. Xinyang, on the other hand, will be pyro and his weapon of choice will be a swordfish.

Now, getting to the 5-star entries, they are Childe and Zhong Li. Of the two, Childe is hydro and wields a bow whereas Zhong Li is Geo and has a lance. We don’t know much about the constellations of any of these characters so far. However, news about that should also surface soon.

Apart from this, miHoYo may also add a rumoured new region to the world of Teyvat for exploration.

Genshin: The newest member of the hype train.

After Fall Guys and Among Us, Genshin seems to be the new game taking quarantine by storm. The gacha style RPG is yet to release on Nintendo Switch and already has over 21 million downloads. So, without a doubt, the Nintendo release will be a huge deal.

The game is particularly appealing to the audience for its f2p nature. This is the same reason that Among Us eclipsed Fall Guys in popularity last month. Any well made f2p game is perfect for instant access to drive off boredom this quarantine.

So, in the coming months, we should expect Genshin to really get into its stride.

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