Tristan Thompson reveals a heated episode with LeBron when the 4-time MVP texted his teammates that they shouldn’t get on the plane to Oakland if they didn’t think they could win.

Down 3-1 and facing elimination in the Finals to the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, one could excuse any team of bowing down to the pressure.

It was all LeBron and Kyrie could do in the final 3 games of the series to keep them in it. Their comeback from that margin is quite easily the greatest NBA Finals comeback of all time.

Tristan Thompson explains the scene at Colin Cowherd’s show

Appearing on Colin Cowherd’s show ‘The Herd’, Tristan Thompson was asked to recall the times when the Cavs made the improbable comeback to win the NBA Finals.

Referencing LeBron’s text to his team this year saying Game 4 of the Finals was a must-win, Cowherd asked him about another time when James texted the whole team to motivate them.

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The Canadian big man told viewers about James’s text on the night of their Game 4 defeat to the Warriors.

Watch from 2:00 minutes

His text was basically ‘If you don’t think we can win the series, don’t get on the f***ing plane to San Francisco’. Tristan and JR replied with some expletives of their own, saying “****, we’re going to be there. We believe we can win.”

As things turned out, the Cavs routed the Warriors in Game 5 on the back of 41 point games from LeBron and Kyrie.

James came up with another 40-burger in Game 6 for the win, while in Game 7, he had a crucial block and Kyrie hit the game-winning shot with less than a minute to spare.

The Cavs’ route to the championship was a bit fortuitous as well, but that’s a story for another day.


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