The 5 Best Among Us players cum streamers? With almost the whole community playing the game, here are the 5 best names for Among Us content.

Among Us has scaled the heights of the Internet and pop culture at an almost unprecedented scale over the last 2 months. It feels like this huge cloud looming over all the other games, casting a shadow none of the other games can see through. However, given the game’s nature and simple mechanic, its fame is deservedly earned.

The lobbies of 10 players each are great fun to watch and bag loads of viewers. However, given that almost the whole world is streaming the game today, you can often be spoilt for choice. So, here are the top 5 best players cum streamers to follow.

The 5 best Among Us Players cum Streamers to watch: S-tier.

#1) xQc: We know he can be a little too competitive at times. Also yes, his lobbies can get a little chaotic. Again we also agree that he can be rather overbearing on his teammates. However, these factors make life difficult only for his fellow mates, if at all. On the flip side, it is this aggressive style of his that makes him an absolute treat to watch.

He is like an adrenaline-fuelled machine on overdrive. And, not to mention, but he’s also a brilliant Among Us player, fully aware of all the mechanics of the game. No wonder that his viewers notched up over 17 million watch hours on Twitch in the last 30 days!

#2) Disguised Toast: Technically, Toast is not exactly an Among Us streamer. That’s because he doesn’t stream on camera. However, he does still record his play off-stream and upload the best ones on his YouTube channel. And it is these that steal our hearts. As an Among Us content creator, Toast is the absolute best of the lot. His is also one of the most popular with his last 35 videos notching over 70 million views on YT. And this is down to 2 reasons.

The first, he is arguably the best Among Us player out there. Yes, even more prolific than xQc. He is a beast at the game both as a Crewmate and an Imposter. You can have a look at one of his insane plays in this video.

The second reason is his lobby which is one of the most friendly and fun ones to watch. In fact, you can indirectly watch Toast stream because many of his lobby friends such as Pokimane and Sykkunno are regular Among Us streamers themselves.

The A-tier.

#3) Pokimane: Friendly, fun and just the right amount of competition. That’s how we’d like to sum up Pokimane’s Among Us streams. Though not the very best in the game, she’s a very good player. Every once in a while, she also has the knack of pulling off great plays. Her lobby, oftentimes same as that of Toast, is a great one to be a part of. On the whole, the streams are very wholesome.

#4) Valkyrae: Much like Pokimane, Valkyrae brings her own persona to the game quite beautifully. A different kind of streamer, Valkyrae has a lot of surface aggression. However, unlike xQc, it is hardly overbearing and rather funny. She is extremely passionate at the game and like almost everyone in this list, very good. So, definitely a fine watch.

#5) Ninja: But, of course, how could we forget the one and only. Ninja is a good Among Us but what makes his games fun is his feverish energy, which in case of a casual game like Among Us, is hilarious. His competitiveness is almost harmless, unlike xQc, and makes up for great moments. For eg, on a recent stream, he bet his left nut with Toast that a certain person was the Imposter. Sadly, he lost the bet and his nut. You can have a look at the hilarious video here. Also, the lobbies he’s usually a part of have other great players as well, so it’s as if you kill many birds with one stone when you watch him.

There you go! These are our top 5 picks for the best streamers/ content creators to watch when it comes to Among Us. Give them a watch and enjoy.

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