xQc Twitch’s most watched streamer: The Canadian sensation is Twitch’s newest king and sits on Among Us, Twitch’s newest throne.

xQc aka Felix Lengyel has been one of the biggest names on Twitch for quite a while now. However, the Overwatch streamer seems to have finally peaked his potential with record numbers in the last 30 days.

xQc Twitch’s most watched streamer: An Among Us sensation.

As Twitch released its metrics for the last 30 days on the 4th of October, a surprise awaited us at the top. It was xQc as Twitch’s most-watched streamer over the last 30 days. The reason this is a surprise is down to the fact that individual streamers very rarely scale this peak.

Usually, it is preserved for channels such as Riot Games & ESL who notch up much better nos. However, the Among Us hype has been so grand over the last month, that it has warped all trends.

xQc, one of the first ones to stream Among Us, is also one of its most famous players. He is also one of the best ones to watch due to his very aggressive playstyle. And, riding on the back of all these factors, the Canadian managed to bag a huge total of 16.9 million hours at the top. Yes, that right, his viewers have watched him stream, mostly Among Us, for a total of almost 17 million hours!

Among Us: The Twitch sensation.

The above stat proves two things. One of them, of course, is that xQc is one of the biggest names on Twitch today. But, it’s the second one that is our focus – Among Us’s insane hype!

With lobbies of up to 10 players and a very intriguing game mechanic, the Indie title has proven to be Twitch’s bread and butter. The suspense and antics of our fav streamers are just great fun to watch. As a result, almost every big name on Twitch has had to get on the hype train.

Ninja, Pokimane, Myth, Lilypichu, no one is left behind. As a result, Among Us has notched up a total of 143 million watch hours on Twitch over the last 30 days.

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