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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, sports memorabilia has been hitting the auction block at a rapid pace. Now one of the most coveted baseball cards of all-time is set to become available to the highest bidder. Goldin Auctions is auctioning off a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, and it’s expected to sell for more than $1.2 million when it hits the open market on Oct. 12, according to TMZ Sports.

A previous version of the Wagner T-206 baseball card, a 110-year-old piece of memorabilia, ended up selling for $3.12 million back in 2016. This version of the card hitting Goldin Auctions features of a photo of Wagner on the front along with a “Sweet Caporal” cigarette advertisement on the back. 

There are only an estimated 50 of the T206 cards that are known to be in existence. While it’s not in as excellent condition as the 2016 card, this one is still expected to return more than $1.2 million.

Wagner, a baseball hall of famer, is regarded as one of best hitters the game has ever had. The shortstop helped lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 1909 World Series title, was an eight-time National League batting champion, a five-time National League RBI and steals leader.


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