Doc Rivers says everyone on the 76ers roster and faculty must be willing to change if they want to accomplish what they set out to.

Doc Rivers and his Los Angeles Clippers suffered one of the most disappointing Playoff exits in the history of the NBA, at the hands of the Denver Nuggets.

Following the Clippers blown 3-1 lead, Doc Rivers sat down with Clippers to discuss his future with the franchise. The Clippers front office and Doc Rivers decided it was in parties’ best interest to part ways amicably.

Within 3 days of Doc being on the market, the Philadelphia 76ers hired him to be their next Head Coach.

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In his first media availability, Rivers had some interesting points to share.

“I’m always changing”, says Doc Rivers as he addresses the media.

Doc Rivers was asked several questions during his media sessions but one stuck out more than the rest.

A media member asked Doc, “What would you, as well as your 2 star players, do to step out of your respective comfort zones in order to win”

In response to this, Rivers said, “I’m always changing. It’s a fact: If you’re going to win, you just can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and think you’re going to get different results. You have to do something different.”

This sent Los Angeles Clippers fans into a meltdown online.

Los Angeles Clippers fans are livid about Doc’s statements

Doc’s “I’m always changing” quote comes in poor taste as Doc is notorious for not making adjustments to his game plan when it has been clear that it is not working against a particular team.

His failure to make adjustments in the Denver Nuggets series is what cost the Clippers the series.

Clippers took note of this and berated Rivers on social media.

Do you think Doc Rivers can lead the Sixers to an NBA title?


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