DOTA 2 NEWS: Yellow Submarine destroy Nigma 2-0 in R1 of ESL One Germany Group Stage. Yellow Submarine destroyed Nigma over the course of 2 games in R1 of ESL One Germany. Below, you can watch the brilliant out-play of skills that helped Yellow Submarine beat Nigma.

Yellow Submarine made a comprehensive return to the Dota 2 scene with a convincing 2-0 victory. The first game, which went to 55 minutes, showed exactly how close these two teams are in terms of skill. However, YeS was ahead, both in terms of score & the net-worth. Before Nigma threw in the GGs at minute-55, YeS amassed a near 40,000 gold lead. The score stood at 46-19.

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The second game, however, was a much tighter affair. Miracle, who had a tough lane, never managed to recover. Despite showing some signs of a fightback, they could not completely turn the tide to their favor. mlgfavour who played Invoker for YeS completely outplayed the opposition with 9 kills, 2 deaths & 11 assists.

The last series of Round 1 in ESL One Germany Group Stage will feature Cyber Legacy and Na’Vi. After this game, all the teams will get a day’s break before the drafts are decided for the Round 2 matchups.

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