Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks, and Miller Park, home to the Milwaukee Brewers, will not be used as early voting sites for the upcoming 2020 presidential election as originally planned. Election officials announced the changes on Tuesday, saying they worry the ballots there could be legally challenged, according to the Associated Press. There was a concern the sites were assigned as early voting locations later than the law allows, Claire Woodall-Vogg, the executive director of the state’s election commission, told the AP.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission states the sites must be assigned by June 12 and the plan including Milwaukee sports venues was not in place until September 1. Woodall-Vogg told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the decision stemmed from a federal judge’s rejection of requests to expand early voting and guidance issued yesterday by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“We want residents of Milwaukee to feel complete and unwavering confidence that their ballot will be counted in the election and this action reflects that commitment,” Woodall-Vogg said.

Originally, the venues were going to be used on October 20 and November 1 as sites for absentee ballot drop-offs and early in-person voting. With the coronavirus pandemic still a major issue in the United States, turning sports arenas and stadiums into voting sites has been on the minds of many athletes. 

The NBA has been one of the leagues at the forefront of both social change and trying to make voting easier and safer. The Bucks made a major statement in August when they boycotted a playoff game following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. One ask from the teams that joined the Bucks in protest was expanding voting sites for the presidential election, something a lot of arenas were able to accomplish.

The Bucks responded on Wednesday to the news of sports arenas in their city not turning into voting sites.

“While we were excited to welcome voters to Fiserv Forum to cast their ballots in a safe and accessible way, we remain just as committed to encouraging and educating people to vote and making our voices heard in this election,” the Bucks said.

The Brewers, who joined the Bucks in protest after the Blake shooting, have not commented on the matter yet.

Here is a list of NBA teams whose home courts will be used as polling sites for the upcoming presidential election.


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