Scottie Pippen takes yet another dig at LeBron James as the Lakers enters his 10th NBA Finals tonight vs Miami Heat.

Scottie Pippen has never really been big on LeBron James, and he took yet another shot at LeBron on the eve of the NBA Finals.

In his discussion with Forbes about the 2020 NBA Finals, Pippen said the Heat have the edge in the Finals. “I think it’s going to be a great series. To me, Miami has a little bit of the edge. I think people are overlooking how well they’ve played and their style of play,” said Pippen.

While praising Miami, Pippen also said LeBron needs to prove that he can lead a team. Scottie said, “I don’t take nothing away from the Lakers and LeBron going to his 10th Finals. He still has to prove he can lead a team himself.”

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“Anthony Davis more valuable to Lakers offensively”: Scottie Pippen believes

While acknowledging LeBron’s efforts and his 10th trip to the Finals, Pippen still believes AD is more valuable to the Lakers.

The former Bulls legend pointed out that Anthony Davis has been better with the ball on the offensive end all through the season for the Lakers.

While LeBron has been the driving force of the offense, limiting himself to being the facilitator, AD has been putting all the finishing touches.

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Scottie Pippen on LeBron James

Scottie Pippen has always been very clear on the G.O.A.T debate. He always puts his former teammate Micheal Jordan above LBJ.

He admits LBJ may have the stats or may have overtaken the numbers, but he would never be the player MJ was. MJ had the ability to flip a switch and take over any game at any given time, and Pippen says LeBron lacks the same.

Pippen also believes LeBron is nowhere as clutch as Jordan was. When the game came on the line, MJ would always take over and see his team through. There have been occasions where we’ve seen LBJ missing in action in closeout time of close games.


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