Bill Simmons believes the Miami Heat can win the championship in 6 games, against the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the Miami Heat set to face off against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, everyone’s putting in their own 2 cents on who they believe can win it all.

Most takes by these NBA analysts, or even NBA casuals have the Los Angeles Lakers handily beating the Jimmy Butler led Miami Heat to win it all.

However, with the way the Heat have been playing this postseason, this should not be a foregone conclusion. Bill Simmons of the Ringer is one who believes in the Miami Heat to pull off the upset series win.

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Bill Simmons predicts the 2020 NBA Champions will be the Miami Heat.

The Book of Basketball author recently has claimed that the underdog Miami Heat will win the championship in 6 games, over the LeBron James led Los Angeles Lakers.

Simmons said, “I’m picking Miami in 6. I really feel strongly about it. I really think they have an excellent chance of winning this series.”

Bill Simmons has bashed the Lakers before, as he took to the Zack Lowe podcast to ridicule the Los Angeles Lakers backcourt and say the 3 best Lakers players function at the same position.

Is this a valid prediction from Bill Simmons?

The Miami Heat have proven all doubters wrong this Playoffs, as they have pummelled all opposing teams, notching a 12-3 record in the postseason.

With multiple big guards who are capable of defending a multitude of positions, the Miami heat have no problem in switching as they might have the most versatile defensive options in the league.

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However, Simmons’s claims on LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma playing the same exact position(power forward), hold no ground, as LeBron has been the primary ball handler for the Lakers. Davis has switched between the 4 and the 5 comfortably as well.

The Heat matchup well with the Lakers and it can be said that all bets are off for this series, as it will be a hard fought battle.


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