Valorant OP Nerf: After many players complaining that the Operator gun was too overpowered, Valorant has finally decided to nerf the gun.

The gun’s infamous one-shot capability makes it the most powerful weapon in the game.

Here are the changes that were made to the one-shot glass cannon knows as the Operator.

The Overall Damage of the gun stays the same

While the gun is nerfed, it still possesses its one-shot capabilities and can still allow the player wielding it to singlehandedly change the course of the match. Here is how the gun was nerfed:

  • The price of the Operator is increased from 4,500 to 5,000. This will make the gun harder to buy in initial rounds or after economy resets.
  • Movement speed of the player while Aiming Down Sights or being scoped in also decreased. The movement speed is decreased from 76% to 72%. This will cause holding an angle and subsequently making quick escapes very difficult.
  • The deadzone of the Operator was changed from 30% to 15% movement speed. This means that the player’s aim will get inaccurate sooner upon moving while scoped in. This also means that the player’s aim will take longer to get accurate after having stopped moving.
  • Firing rate of the Operator is decreased from 0.75 rounds per second to 0.6 rounds per second. This will mitigate spamming of the Operator as well as allow for retaking angles that the Operator is holding.
  • Instant equip time of the Operator has also been increased from 0.3 to 0.5. This means that switching to the Operator would take slightly longer if it is already in your inventory.

What would this mean strategically for the game?

Strategically speaking, similar changes have been made to CS:GO and its similarly overpowered AWP and we can expect to see gamer to rely on their utility far more than before.

This also gives a better chance to expert riflers to take back angles held by the Operators. This can be seen as a necessary step in the overall balancing of the game. Certain characters would also start becoming less obvious for using the Operator such as Jett and Sova.


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