DOTA 2 NEWS: dominate Game 3 against Khan; NiP will play against in Lower-bracket final of BTS Pro Series 3. The Khan vs went right down to the wire and Viking took game 3 in 35 minutes. & NiP will play for a spot in the Grand Finals of Beyond the Summit Pro Series 3 Europe/CIS. 

The series between Khan & was full of nail-biting and game changing moments. The series went to 3 games as Khan levelled out the series after winning game 2. Tobi’s Chaos Knight & Shad’s Lifestealer completely dominated Game 3.

In game 1, Khan lost a early advantage and were playing catch up the whole game. They showed some signs of a comeback but were having none of that. Shad, with some smart rotations, on the Spectre, was able to take the mid-game away from Khan and sealed the win within 34 minutes.

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Game 2 between these teams was incredible as Khan turned up the heat with mlg winner playing mid-lane Lina. TA200, on Sven, dominated the team fights with God’s Strength and took the game away from With some smart pushing, they soon levelled the series.

Once Game 3 started, made their intentions very clear with some great rotation. Quick, precise efficient pick-offs soon ensured that they could secure Roshan twice. They took Game 3 in 35 minutes with a 20K net-worth lead.


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