Quibi, the streaming service that specializes in short-form series meant for mobile consumption, kicked off this year to a bit of a rough start, as lower-than-expected signups made it the butt of some unfriendly jokes.

But if you are interested in checking out the platform, they do have some interesting shows on there that we think are worth your time. The shows are listed in no particular order — just things we’ve noticed that we dig and think sports fans will enjoy.

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OK, let’s get to the list for Quibi.

I Promise

Produced by LeBron James, this documentary takes an inside look at the first year inside the school James built in Akron, Ohio — the I Promise School. Heartwarming, well made, and unflinching, it’s (in my opinion) the best offering on the platform, sports or not.


Hosted by Megan Rapinoe, Prodigy looks at up-and-coming athletes destined for greatness, and tries to find the connective threads that tie them together. What makes someone destined for greatness as an athlete? Can it be cultivated, or is it inherent?

You Ain’t Got These

Lena Waithe hosts this show for sneakerheads which goes beyond the shoes themselves and dives deeply into shoe culture. With interviews, and a clear point of view, the show tries to get beyond the consumerism and understand why people feel so connected to their kicks.

The Sauce

Think of it as a grittier So You Think You Can Dance. In this show, viral dance stars Ayo & Teo travel across the country looking for the next great street dance group, and tell stories about the places they visit on the way.

Fight Like a Girl

This show will appeal to WWE diehards, as it offers a behind-the-scenes look at the WWE Divas and their journey to the ring. Where the (excellent) film Fighting with My Family leaves off, this show picks up.


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