Sasha Banks returns at WWE Clash of Champions to attack former friend Bayley. The SmackDown women’s champion assaulted The Boss earlier this month.

Bayley was scheduled to face Nikki Cross at Clash of Champions tonight. However, Cross was not medically cleared to compete by the WWE. This left Banks with an open slot for the night. She decided to hold an open challenge. However, she appeared to change her mind when RAW Women’s Champion Asuka walked out.

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The Empress of Tomorrow refused to let up and the two eventually had a match. Just when it felt like Asuka would become a double champion herself, Bayley used a chair as a weapon to disqualify herself. Despite her loss, she retained her title and she celebrated unaware that someone was looking for revenge.

Sasha Banks returns at WWE Clash of Champions to attack former friend Bayley

As Bayley celebrated her retention, Sasha Banks attacked her from behind with a chair. She then continued to wail on her former tag team partner with a Kendo Stick until Bayley retreated.

While the match was decent at best, the aftermath was worth it.

Asuka vs Bayley is a match we’ve seen several times and while both are excellent performers, the WWE could have used another talent in this spot, if the match was going to end in a disqualification anyway.

Regardless, the finish to this match means we may get the highly anticipated Banks vs Bayley match earlier than a lot of people expected. While some have felt that this angle should have gone until Wrestlemania, Hell in a Cell isn’t such a bad PPV for a blood match either.

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