Sami Zayn outsmarts Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles to win Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match at WWE Clash of Champions 2020.

Clash of Champions has begun in the best possible manner. In AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn, the WWE have three of the best workers in the industry. The trio opened a B-level PPV with no crowd for a mid-card title and they wrestled as if the WWE Championship was on the line in the main event of Wrestlemania.

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The match was brutally entertaining with everyone bringing their A-game. From start to end there was no dull moment. The match was full of creative moments without feeling like a spot fest. From Styles throwing a ladder onto Zayn or Jeff hitting a Swanton Bomb through the ladder, this was a match that will be remembered for years.

Sami Zayn outsmarts Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles to win Intercontinental Championship

In the end, it was Sami Zayn who reclaimed the Intercontinental Championship he never lost and he did so through one of the most memorable finishes in recent history. Zayn took out two handcuffs from his jacket. He used the first one to handcuff Hardy to the ladder through the gauge on his right ear!

He then used the other to try and handcuff Styles to the ladder but accidentally cuffed himself to the Phenomenal One. Styles then carried Zayn on his back and climbed the ladder while Hardy entered the ring with the ladder still handcuffed to his ears.

The Liberator then uncuffed himself from Styles and handcuffed the Phenomenal One to the ladder. He then climbed the ladder himself and unlocked both the Intercontinental titles to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion once again.

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