Dwayne Wade, a very loud and proud Miami supporter mocks Paul Pierce after his Heat beat Paul’s Celtics in Eastern Conference finals

Ever since Dwayne Wade hung up his jersey, he has been a proud Heat supporter. Paul Pierce on the other hand has been an avid Celtics supporter ever since his retirement.

Wade spent the majority of hid playing career in Miami, winning 3 championships there. Paul Pierce on the other hand spent the major chunk of his career playing for the Celtics.

There is no love lost between the two stars. They have often tossed and tussled for control of the Eastern Conference and the rivalry seems to exist to date. Even though we never saw a Wade-Pierce ECF matchup during their time, but we have enjoyed their rivalry as supporters.

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D Wade ‘rubs salt’ on Pierce’s wounds

The twitter rivalry of the former NBA stars is something that NBA fans all over enjoy, especially when Wade puts his wit into it.

After Heat’s win tonight in Game 6, D-Wade put out a social media post, mocking and calling out Paul Pierce as the Celtics bowed out in what was a below-par performance.

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Not the first time Wade beat Pierce off the court

Dwayne Wade and Paul Pierce were supposed to go toe to toe on ‘After the Buzzer’, but since Wade couldn’t make it then, his stats had to do.

Back then as well, D. Wade’s stats beat Pierce and today Miami beat Pierce’s Celtics.

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The Heat now faces LeBron and the Lakers in the NBA Finals. The last time the Heat made the Finals was with LeBron and now they face him. It is an interesting matchup for everyone, but even more so for Dwayne Wade. On one side he has his best friend, the other the team he loves the most. Upon being asked who would he support, Wade gave a very clever reply and said,

The Finals sure are to be full of fire! They start on Wednesday, 30th of September at 9 PM ET.


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