Clash Royale Electro Giant: With less than a week left for Season 16, new cards from next season have been leaked! Find out about them here!

Season 16: What to Expect?

Season 16 is going to be a big one for Clash Royale, Supercell’s real-time 1v1 multiplayer strategy game. Clan Wars 2.0 did not get the positive reviews that Supercell hoped it would. So, Season 16 will be their second chance to fix things and get them right. The Season also promises a possible new game mode in the special challenges.

However, by far the biggest news that fans and players are looking forward to is the introduction of 2 new cards in the game.

Clash Royale Electro Giant and Electro Spirit.

The news was leaked only yesterday of these 2 news cards coming to the game next season. Now, the concepts aren’t new and have been in the CR dev build for a while now. However, they definitely seem to be super fun.

We don’t know too much about the cards yet. But, rumours have it, the Electro Giant will wear huge goggles and look like a mad scientist! The big hairy dumb dude of yesteryears is gone it seems! On the other hand, the Electro Spirit will probably be a shade of blue and similar to the other droplet like spirits in the game.

Have a look at the possible Giant build below.

Electro Giant stats and icon from r/ClashRoyale

More Balancing issues for Clash Royale?

Of course, the cards will be great fun to play. However, with them, the total cards in the game will cross 100 for the first time (101). Now, the dev team was already having a lot of problems balancing the 99 cards already in the game. As a result, of late, the meta hasn’t been that much fun. So, with 2 more cards now added to the total, one only wonders how they’ll deal with the increased load.

Anyway, fingers crossed! Stay tuned to The Sportsrush for more info on these cards as soon as we get to know something.

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