Clan War Colosseum: What is it? What happens here? How does Week 5 of Clan Wars work? Here’s your guide to the final week of Clan Wars 2.0.

The Clan War Colosseum is here! Clash Royale’s most awaited part of Clan Wars 2.0. The game devs and fans alike have hyped up this moment to its absolute peak over the last 4 weeks. Especially, with the Clan Wars 2.0 update disappointing in general, the Colosseum needs to act as a saving grace.

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What is the Clan War Colosseum?

The Clan War Colosseum is a huge structure at the end of the final week of wars in Clash Royale. So, it’s concept is similar to the historic Colosseum of Rome where huge duels would take place for public entertainment. Also, this Colosseum will function as the marquee event of each month-long Clan War in the game from now on.

Which Clans are eligible for the Clan War Colosseum?

First of all, the Clan War Colosseum is open to only certain clans in the game, not to all. Only those Clans that have finished all their boat races to date can be a part of this event. Now, remember, by finished we don’t mean you have to have won a race. So, you only need to have crossed that fame threshold, no matter the position, first or fifth.

How does the Clan War Colosseum work?

So, let’s get down to the brass tacks. How does Week 5 actually work?

Well, for starters, the River Race will be only half of its original length. That’s because the Colosseum replaces the other half. Now, in order to play in the Colosseum, your Clan needs to first finish the River Race. Once you reach the Colosseum, you’ll notice that you can only fight duels. That’s right. 1v1 battles won’t be a part of the Colosseum. Also, you will have “technically” dismounted your boat when inside the Colosseum. So, your boat battles will be disabled as well.

How do Rewards work in Week 5?

In Week 5, your fame threshold is cut in half. What that means is, you’ll finish your race for only half the amount of what was needed in Weeks 1-4. This makes sense because the River Race is cut in half.
However, don’t worry, once you reach the Colosseum, you’ll still earn fame. Only now, your fame will contribute to your Clan’s Colosseum Leaderboard standings.

As far as resources go, you will get more gold from your chests and battles in Week 5 than in previous Weeks. Also, your Clan will receive their usual Chest Rewards and Clan Trophies the moment they finish the River Race. Apart from this, your Clan will earn extra Trophies for a good performance in the Colosseum. Also, these Trophies will be greater in no. than your normal Week reward trophies.


Therefore, with the final week of the first Clan War 2.0 upon us, the Colosseum is the place to be. As a place reserved for the very best, the Colosseum promises to be a great showpiece event. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and help row your Clan’s boat to the Colosseum! Also, good Luck!

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