Clint Park, Kawhi Leonard’s personal trainer, called Montrezl Harrell a ‘double agent’ in a tweet yesterday. He also called Paul George’s basketball IQ ‘questionable’.

Kawhi Leonard’s camp has been responsible for some nasty slander going his way over the past 3 years or so. Leonard’s uncle Dennis became the most hated man in Texas after he was seen trying to force Kawhi’s way to Los Angeles in a trade.

Dennis was in further scrutiny all through the year Kawhi spent in Toronto. Now it’s his trainer who’s bringing some unnecessary spotlight onto him.

Clint Park’s reply on Twitter to a fan’s complaint about Montrezl Harrell

Currently a free agent in this offseason, Montrezl Harrell’s stock has fallen somewhat after a lackluster bubble campaign. Even though the big man won Sixth Man of the Year for the past NBA season, there’s a sense that he has reached his ceiling as a player.

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Even so, it is wrong for a trainer associated with his teammate to comment negatively about him. Clint Park would have done better just to keep mum about his thoughts on Harrell. His actions have served only to undermine Kawhi.

In his tweet, he also pointed out that it would have been better if the Clippers had Lakers’ Dwight Howard instead of Harrell in their team.

Clint Park’s criticism of Paul George for questionable Game 6 performance

During Game 7 of the Clippers-Nuggets series, Clint Park questioned Paul George’s basketball IQ in a tweet.

It is unclear as to which exact play prompted this statement from him, but George did have a miserable shooting night and was loath to take the ball into the paint to try and score. Nevertheless, it’s a bad look for Kawhi.


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