Alexa Bliss hits back at Bayley for her comments about her and The Fiend. The SmackDown Women’s Champion mocked the Goddess ahead of Clash of Champions.

Alexa Bliss has not been herself lately. Since her interaction with The Fiend, she has slowly begun to descend into madness and chaos. His influence has been visible in her in the way she has carried herself in recent weeks.

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The WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley however, is of the opinion that the Goddess is completely under control and her attacks on Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans have been deliberate.

“Are you asking me if Nikki Cross is going to use Alexa Bliss to cheat and win the match? “Bayley asked during Talking Smack. “I mean, I wouldn’t put it past them, you know? They’re slimy. I saw it on SmackDown.

“She did [Sister Abigail] to Lacey Evans and if she does it to me, well, guess what? I’m still SmackDown Women’s Champion. Sure, Alexa Bliss hit me with all you got, or ‘The Fiend’ or whatever. You’re in a trance, whatever. You don’t know what’s going on? That’s a lie. Because when she hits Nikki Cross with it again, and she probably will, she knows what she’s doing.”

Alexa Bliss hits back at Bayley for her comments about her and The Fiend

Alexa, who has fought with Bayley on several occasions in the past, was not too pleased with the comments and decided to dish it back to her on social media.

“I guess I’m “in control in my actions” … Bayley is also in control over her really annoying repetitive “Karen” attitude… so here we are. #WeveHeardThisAlready” she wrote in response.

Bayley will face Nikki Cross at Champions of Clash tonight. She has held the title for almost a year now. The two have fought several times this year with Bayley coming out on top most of the times. Cross however, will look to change the script tonight.

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