What does sabotage do in Among Us? How to use it against Crewmates to perfection? Learn everything there is to know about them, here.

Among Us is a game of great depth and skill. Whether a Crewmate or an Imposter, you need to develop a deep understanding of the game to truly master it. However, that said, enjoying the game as a casual player is also really easy and simple. You just need to learn a few basic tricks of the trade. One such trick to being an imposter is sabotaging your Crewmates.

What is sabotage?

Now, what does sabotage do in Among Us, is not a short question to answer. So, we’ll take you through it part by part. First of all, what is sabotage?

Sabotage, in Among Us, is a feature to manipulate and damage the systems of a ship you’re in. Therefore, it is a feature available only to Imposters in the game. So, what kind of systems are we talking about here? Well, the list varies based on the map you’re playing in. The most common ones are Reactor, Lights, Oxygen, Comms and Seismic stabilisers.

You can also have a look at the detailed list of Sabotages here: Sabotage Among Us Wiki.

Why should you sabotage?

Apart from killing off your Cremates, sabotage is one of the best weapons an Imposter has in the game. A well timed sabotage can throw all your Crewmates into a frenzy. This gives Imposters time to pick them off easily without getting caught.

Moreover, the killing feature in Among Us comes with a cooldown. That means you can’t go all Genghis Khan on your Crewmates and slice them off in one go. Therefore, sabotage is a perfect activity to pull when you’re waiting for your Kill cooldown. This slows down the task completion rate of your Crewmates and gives you extra time.

How to sabotage?

Okay, now to the most important question. How to do it? Technically, it’s very simple. You click on the Sabotage button on the bottom left. Then, pick a system to sabotage from the menu that opens up and voila! That’s about it.

However, using it successfully takes a little more effort than that. First of all, make sure to wait for a good time to sabotage. It is an emergency option for you as an Imposter. So, don’t waste it randomly when easy kills are available. Remember, they come with a cooldown time as well (17 seconds). So, if you waste them for no reason, later on, when your Crewmates may be about to finish all their tasks, you’ll have nothing to throw them off.

Secondly, use them to break a cluster and take out a loner. Sabotages like lights and reactor require an immediate fix. So, Crewmates run to them in a hurry. However, in all the darkness and chaos, a few are bound to fall behind. Take them out. Then run to the sabotage site and pretend you never left!

Lastly, we come to the cluster kill technique. This is a great option to spread confusion among Crewmates. During any sabotage, Crewmates are bound to crowd around the site. Get in there and kill someone in the crowd. Don’t worry, you won’t get caught. That’s because Among Us players have no hands. Als0, a kill animation just reveals a snapped spine. So, since no hands are moved or sudden jerks are made, nobody can know who killed whom when players are close by. All you can see is a bunch of players with a snapped spine in between.


As an Imposter, a well timed sabotage can be your best friend. It can change a game for you and help you win a losing battle. So, learn to use it wisely. Now, go out there, use our tips and pull off some 1000IQ plays. Stay alert! And, best of luck!

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