Jimmy Butler says the Miami Heat weren’t playing at their best but will bounce back for Game 6; also responds to Bam Adebayo’s bad game.

Jimmy Butler’s Miami Heat faced off against the Boston Celtics in Game 5, where the Celtics ran the Heat out of the arena, 121-108.

The Heat held a lead on the Celts throughout the first half but Boston came out firing on all cylinders in the 3rd quarter, going on an incredible 20-3 run from the 11:25 mark to the 5:39 mark of the 3rd.

It was truly a despicable performance by the Miami Heat on the defensive end of the floor and Jimmy Butler kept it plain and simple in his post game presser.

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Jimmy Butler on Bam Adebayo taking responsibility for loss

The unquestionable leader of the Heat was very blunt with his statements on what he believes went wrong for Miami tonight, saying, “They were playing harder than we were, which we all knew.”

Butler was asked about how he felt about Bam Adebayo taking the blame for the loss, to which Butler responded, “It was on all of us, not just Bam.”

Earlier in a press conference today, Bam Adebayo had admitted that the loss was on him, as he had had a terrible outing.

However, through it all, Jimmy stayed confident and reiterated that the Heat will be locked and loaded going into Game 6 on Sunday.

How did Jimmy Butler perform tonight?

The main issue with Jimmy Butler on the offensive end is his passive nature. Now, it is obviously very important to get your teammates involved, but, when push comes to shove, Butler’s got to put his head down and drive to the basket.

He was an abysmal -13 on the floor tonight, with only 5 made field goals in 36 minutes of action. Butler finished with 17 points while going 0-2 from beyond the arc.


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