FS1 Undisputed show host Skip Bayless was given a rare shoutout by a former NBA player yesterday, as Allen Iverson went on the ‘All the Smoke’ podcast and praised him.

On a tell-all interview with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes that lasted nearly 2 hours, Allen Iverson used the opportunity to talk on several topics.

These included his friendship with Kobe, his personal NBA Mount Rushmore and the current player he’d like to play with the most. He wished good luck to fellow 1996 NBA draftee Steve Nash with his new head coaching role as well.

Skip Bayless responds to praise from Allen Iverson

There are few people in NBA circles who take Skip Bayless seriously. The former ESPN analyst and current Fox Sports show host is well known as the most vocal LeBron critic in mainstream media.

Bayless has rejuvenated his television career with his impassioned arguments against LeBron every now and then.

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But Allen Iverson is among those people who seem to understand where Skip Bayless is coming from.

Or so it seems, as Iverson clarified that his comments regarding a ‘certain TV personality’ were not regarding him at one of the juicy junctures in the interview. Iverson has appeared on both Undisputed and First Take with Skip Bayless.

The TV person that Allen Iverson was talking about was Jason Whitlock(in all probability). Whitlock, all through his career has criticised Iverson and the former Sixers star wanted to vent out a little frustration last night.

Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes have both also appeared on the Skip Bayless shows. In fact, Stephen Jackson is a frequent guest on Skip’s show, and often echoes Bayless’s views on various matters.

The trio is definitely among the rare NBA people who find Bayless tolerable or admirable.


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