How much did Epic Games buy Rocket League for? What did the undisclosed sum amount to? How did the sale come about? All the answers here.

Psyonix was a small company of game developers that began in 2001. In 2019, they became a part of Epic Games, probably the biggest video gaming company in the world today. How did the sale come about?

Epic Games buy Rocket League. But for how much?

Epic Games purchased Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, on 1st May 2019. But, Epic did not reveal the sum they paid for the deal. However, given how famous the deal was and how successful Rocket League had been, fans were bound to ask questions. How much was the deal worth?

So, we, at the Sportsrush, have drawn an estimate that should be closer to the actual number than a random prediction. You see, Rocket League’s revenue in 2017 and 2018 had been 70 million and 110 million USD. So, the game was rising in popularity. It had also signed a deal with NBC to bolster its Esports content. Moreover, the company, at the time of its purchase, had around 132 employees. So, taking all of these human and financial resources into account, we made our calculations at Sportsrush.

As per our estimate, the purchase is bound to have cost at least 250-300 million USD on the part of Epic. Now, that is a hefty sum. However, given how insane their revenue stream has been the last 3 years, we should not be surprised.

Why did it happen?

The deal was a one in a series of purchases that Epic Games made in order to furnish their Epic Store with richer content. Epic, through its Store, is trying to become a new force in the video game distribution market. This also explains why they are taking Rocket League off Steam, who are their main competition.

On the part of Psyonix, the deal provided them with an opportunity to further the game’s horizons. With Epic’s money and resources, they can push for a richer Esports scene. This has been one of Psyonix’s major goals after all. Moreover, now with Rocket League going free to play, the player base will also increase greatly.

The pre-existing chemistry.

A major, often underrated factor, that led to the purchase has to do with the chemistry between the two companies. Psyonix and Epic are located only a few miles apart, as far their offices are concerned. Moreover, they have worked together on Epic’s Unreal Engine a no. of times with great success. So, the teams gelled together really well already. Therefore, it made sense that the deal should go so smoothly.

As far as fans of the game are concerned, the deal was great news indeed. Had it not been for the purchase, we would not get to buy our fav football game for free today!

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