It’s not every day you hear an NFL owner publicly disagree with his coach after a game, but that’s exactly what happened this week after the Falcons wild 40-39 loss to the Cowboys. 

Although Dallas pulled off a miraculous 20-point comeback, the game is mostly going to be remembered as one that the Falcons choked away because they couldn’t recover an onside kick in the final two minutes. Following the loss, Falcons coach Dan Quinn and owner Arthur Blank seemed to have a different interpretation of what exactly happened on the play.

According to Quinn, his team definitely knew what the rules were and knew what they were doing on the play. On the other hand, after watching the Falcons fail to make the onside recovery, Blank said his belief is that Atlanta’s players “didn’t clearly understand what the rules were” on the onside kick.

Having your owner publicly disagree with you like that isn’t a great look for a coach. Since it’s now been a few days since the loss, Quinn probably thought he would stop getting questions about the onside kick, but nope, people were still asking about it on Wednesday. 

During his press conference, Quinn was basically asked whose assessment of the play was correct, which definitely put him in a dicey situation. On one hand, he’s the coach, so he likely knows exactly how the breakdown happened. On the other hand though, you can’t come out and publicly say your owner has no idea what he’s talking about. 

So how did Quinn answer the question? By admitting he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Blank on the play, but that they do agree on one thing: That it should never happen again. 

“Bottom line, it was an unconventional play,” Quinn said, via “Those cause you to hesitate, whether it’s a misdirection play or a trick play that causes you not to trust your eyes and what you are seeing. Although, however it comes out and how Arthur and I disagreed about how to talk about it, the one thing we 100 percent agree upon is that it should not have ever happened. We certainly worked through that to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Quinn was on the hot seat going into the season and blowing a 20-point lead to America’s team after a botched onside kick recovery probably isn’t going to help things. If you’re still wondering who was right about the play, you can click here to check out our full breakdown of where the Falcons went wrong and who should shoulder the blame. 

Of course, one reason the Falcons may have been confused is because the Cowboys unleashed the “watermelon kick,” which was a special onside kick they developed during the offseason. For more details on that kick, be sure to click here. 


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