Brian Windhorst came up with a really bizarre take on his podcast yesterday. The ESPN analyst said Tyler Herro’s performances on court are supplemented by his girlfriend.

Tyler Herro set a playoff record for the highest scoring night by a rookie in a Conference Finals series in Game 4. The Kentucky one-and-done combo guard scored 37 points on a spectacular 14-of-21 shooting night. This haul included 5 3-pointers. Herro scored his last 17 points in the 4th quarter.

Brian Windhorst’s Moneyball theory about Tyler Herro

According to Windhorst, the fact that Herro has ‘scored big’ off the court by getting a girlfriend with over 7 million followers on Instagram gives his confidence a great boost.

Herro’s girlfriend, Elise Henry, is currently in the bubble with him. The pair got together in July this year.

“The old Moneyball trope is you determine a players confidence based on their girlfriend. Tyler Herro is dating an IG model with 7M followers that he DM’d publicly. Shooters shoot, and he’s connecting” Windhorst said.

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Windhorst incidentally made the wrong comparison inadvertently. The movie is about trusting the wisdom of analytics and statistics over everything.

Whereas it was the conventional wisdom of the scouts of the day which said that a player in a good relationship with his significant other impacted his play positively.

How Herro has changed the playoffs for Miami

Tyler Herro’s presence has supercharged the Miami offense, which usually takes a feed-everyone approach. With the likes of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo emphasizing on inside scoring and Duncan Robinson acting as the primary perimeter threat, Herro’s dribble penetration and reliable mid-range game has been a huge bonus for the Heat.

Despite being in only his rookie year in the league, Herro has not wilted at the playoff stage. The 20-year-old has not failed to score in double digits through 13 playoff games.

He’s become a great rebounder in this series as well, taking advantage of the smaller size of the Celtics bigs.

Herro coming off the bench has kept Miami in games when they could have fallen behind to runs by the Celtics. Every single one of his 37 points was needed in the close game today.


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