Jimmy Butler showers Tyler Herro with some love after Herro’s big showing in Game 4, giving all the credit to him for his performance.

The Miami Heat have a very special rookie amidst them. Tyler Herro is a wonderful player, a fierce competitor, and an overall gem. The Heat have been appreciative of him the entire season and would be even more so after his heroics tonight.

Jimmy Butler has been especially impressed with the rookie. He has had Herro in for his famous 4 AM workouts a lot, which helped them build a strong bond.

Butler says Herro doesn’t play like a rookie and has a sense of maturity around his game. Back in July, Jimmy Buckets was all praise for Herro again, after he played an important part in the scrimmage wins.

“He can do that. He can handle, he can score, he can defend. He can do so many different things for us. He’s comfortable in whatever position that you put him in. He doesn’t really think or play like a rookie. He is always working on his game. He is studying the film so he is picking up on how he can be better, where guys are open at. I’m just as comfortable with him handling the ball as anybody.”

Jimmy shows Herro love with Instagram post

Jimmy Butler and Herro have made a special connection this post-season. Herro called Jimmy his ‘big brother’ on the team and dedicated tonight’s performance to him.

Butler then reciprocated that love and respect with an Instagram post for his man, focussing on how Herro is now one of the upcoming stars of the league.

He specified how all of this was Tyler Herro’s doing. Butler and the Heat management gave him confidence, but his performances were down to his own hard work.

The mutual appreciation is for everyone to see and it is commendable of Butler to take a back seat and let the rookie have his time in the sun.

Butler acknowledges and appreciates his teammates after their big performances

This wasn’t the first time Butler put up a post for a teammate who has had a game-winning performance. After the big Game 1 winning block by Bam Adebayo, Butler had put up a post for him.

Jimmy had also put up a post for Goran Dragic after he led the team to Game 2 win when Jimmy was not able to put up numbers.

Jimmy truly is a team leader in the Heat right now. He knows how to get the players hyped up and make them perform their best. Butler also appreciates the fact that he doesn’t have to do it all alone in the Heat. He can rely on his teammates when he isnt having a good showing, and that gives Butler added confidence in his team.


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