Appearing on the ‘All the Smoke’ podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson revealed who among today’s NBA stars he would’ve loved to play with.

All the Smoke is among the favourite podcasts frequented by NBA players past and present. Matt Barnes has a dignified air and a reassuring voice that really sets the tone for the podcast, and Stephen Jackson’s candour allows the guests to open up and be themselves. The fact that Allen Iverson decided to make it to episode 46 of their popular podcast is a ringing endorsement for the duo.

Allen Iverson reveals name of the current NBA star he would’ve liked to play with

Among the many topics of discussion that the trio pored through, right at the end, Matt Barnes lined Iverson up with the following question: ‘Which current NBA player would you like to have played with, the most?’

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After confirming that LeBron as a choice is ruled out (LeBron was a contemporary of his for 7 seasons in the league), Iverson went with Giannis as his choice. Stephen Jackson came alive with a start and asked him if he preferred Giannis over KD.

It was great of Iverson to at the outset acknowledge why he was leaving out LeBron, else that would have resulted in a massive controversy.

Watch it from 1:41:40

Iverson was quick to change his picks, saying ‘I’m tripping’ to justify himself. He went with KD as his choice and explained that their styles of play are quite complementary.

The interview, which went online a few hours back on YouTube, is nearly 2 hours long. The stickied comment with timestamps of topics of discussion is the top comment.


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